Below is an explanation of our cycling trip grades. Please bear in mind that total ascent, wind and general riding conditions can play as important factors as the daily distances involved. Whilst we have stated some example distances, the overall difficulty assigned to each trip will encompass a range of these factors. If you are at all unsure of whether you think the trip is suitable, please get in touch at



Easy: Suitable for those new to cycling seeking an introductory and very relaxed yet active experience on two wheels. Easy riding on short, flat and/or gently undulating routes. Approx 20-40 miles a day



Relaxed: Undulating terrain with occasional minor undulations for semi-regular novices who wish to develop fitness and ability. May include a few short steep climbs. Approx 40-50 miles a day



Moderate: Designed for cyclists with a good level of riding experience and fitness, and are comfortable riding for full days in the saddle. Routes will include some steep and/or sustained climbs. Not for those new to cycling. Approx 50-80 miles a day



Challenging: Routes with multiple steep and sustained climbs and technical descents and/or long distances. Riders need to be have a high level of fitness and stamina in addition to experience in riding over extended distances and/or tackling long ascents and descents. Approx 70-110 miles a day



Advanced: Designed for experienced cyclists with an excellent level of fitness and stamina. Routes are consistently long with multiple serious and steep ascents and descents throughout. High altitude ascents may be undertaken followed by technically demanding descents. Approx 80 – 120 miles a day


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