Published: February 28th 2018

Cycling Holidays can be one of the best way in which to see a country for a variety of reasons:


  • Keeping fit – in order to maximise your enjoyment on any cycling holiday, it’s definitely wise to do some training and get in shape. Not only does this give you an excuse to get some training miles in, it also gives you a specific goal and date to work towards.


  • Exploring at a leisurely pace – experiencing a new country on two wheels is a fantastic pace in which to absorb everything on offer. Instead of whizzing through in a car, bus or train, cycling allows you to breathe it in.


  • A multi-sensory experience – with no windows, heating or air conditioning, cycling is a immersive experience through which you experience every sight, smell, sound, temperature change and taste (whether you like it or not!).


  • Meeting people along the way – instead of purely visiting the tourist hotspots, cycling allows the exploration of lesser-known villages and towns. Not only does this give you a different perspective of these places and the people living in them, you’ll also be directly buying from local shops and services.


  • You earn some overindulgence – gone are the days of feeling guilty at the all-you-can-eat buffet. If you’ve done a hard day in the saddle you’ll have burnt hundreds of calories, so keeping fuelled up is suddenly a necessity, not something to feel guilty about. And who doesn’t travel to taste the culinary delights of the world?


Looking for inspiration on where to go? Well the helpful team at Global Cycling Network ran a poll with their readers about the top cycling destinations in the world and you can watch that video here:



If you’re interested in visiting any of the destinations in the video and want a fully supported and guided trip that suits you, please get in touch for further information –

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