Published: March 17th 2017

The Tate & Hindle annual ride to MIPIM began in a different location than normal. The group flew into Marseille airport from London and over the course of three days, cycled 150 miles around the Mediterranean Sea to the huge property event held annually at Cannes. The first day was from Marseille to La Ciotat:

Andrew, Nick, Jonathan, Jamie, Harish, Jeremy joined Tom from More Adventure for the ride, with the support vehicle and general logistics wizardry organised by Debs and Nesta.


Upon arrival into Marseille, our first job was to unpack and assemble bicycles in the airport car park. The sun was shining and the team immediately felt the difference in temperature as we got busy with the allen keys.

After a quick team photo, the team were led off by Tom to cross the width of Marseille towards La Ciotat, our first overnight of the trip. Our first stop was Decathlon where Andrew had a rather wobbly rear wheel trued, then we hit the mean streets of Marseille.

It was tough going and quite slow making our way across Marseille, but completely unavoidable. One highlight of this section was a wedding procession beeping their way past us in Ferrari’s, Porsches and other fancy-looking cars. They looking like they were having a great time!


After around 20 miles and before the real climb of the day, we pulled into a delightful cake shop for coffee where Harish added extra salt into a bottle of coke to prevent cramp – it seemed to work!


The main climb of the day was Col du Pas d’Ouillier which wound it’s way up and over the impending ridge we’d cycled parallel to since leaving Marseille.

It was great to get into the countryside and get some fresh air out of the city. The team motored up the Col, no problem.



The descent the other side was incredible, with magnificent views out to sea, perfect tarmac and tight hairpin bends to negotiate.

It was plain sailing from hear to our hotel, the delightful Hotel!!!!!, where Debs and Nesta had already arrived and kindly unloaded our bags. The final stretch was down a single-lane road with a steep drop to the right to the azure-blue sea. We were handed our room keys, then rushed to our rooms to catch the end of the England vs Scotland game.


After a convincing win over Scotland, the team met outside the hotel for a ‘funny’ photo as the sun dipped below the sea behind.

Andrew and Debs had stayed the previous night and befriended the proprietor of a wooden shack pizzeria, promising to return with the cycling group for some beers that evening. We wandered up the road to the atmospheric, popup pizza and beer shack for a well earned beer, nibbles and a cheeky slice of pizza.

We were then treated to a delicious meal at La Roche Belle restaurant, a Michelin starred restaurant that people travel from far and wide to dine at.

The food was incredible, but the following day’s ride was looming over us. It was soon time for bed, with a longer day’s ride ahead, the team retired to the hotel.

If you’re interested in us organising a similar corporate cycling event, please get in touch!

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