Published: August 3rd 2016

London to Paris Cycle, July 2016 – Day 2

The team collected their bikes and wheeled them to the front of the hotel. There were a few last minute bike issues to sort out including more air in Jean & Brittney’s tyres and adjusting the saddles of Louis & Lisa. The team had 74 miles to cycle between Calais and our next destination, Arras.


The forecast was dry but with a strong headwind and there were plenty of hills to climb so the team were preparing themselves for a tough day in the saddle. The first ten miles however were very flat so the team worked in small groups to battle with the wind.



At the first stop of the day, the team discussed the benefits of working together, forming mini-peletons.



The team soon reached their lunch spot for the day, 42 miles in where Tom had sourced some chips!



Three large bags of French frites were soon demolished, with numerous combinations of, including Stuart’s trademarked frite-fromage-baguette


After lunch Ben joined Jeanie on the tandem!


The frites-stall owner looked on in absolute amazement as they posed for some photos at the lunch spot as Jeanie steered them onto the left hand side of the road – in France.


Not content with the first time, Jeanie then did exactly the same with Brittney after lunch!


A couple of climbs still lay between the team and their destination. By this time, they were well-used to defying gravity and the sun had come out – plenty of time for some selfies!


The final climb was soon over, the switchbacks had been defeated and the team were on the home straight to Arras.


A few miles on the team met some ambiguous yellow Diversion signs. They decided to go through to see if they could pass. Despite having to get off and push at one point, they were successful and this option was far better than seeking out an alternative route.

Tom was driving the van at this point and didn’t have as much luck, ending up on the following track in an effort to rejoin the group!



There were plenty of smiles once the final hill had been climbed. The route from here trends downwards, so they all stopped for photos.


Louis was loving the flats and the hills!


Danny decided to draught Jeanie for a while, who was pedalling a tandem by herself!


The team soon arrived in the town of Arras and crossed the pretty cobbled-stoned square to their hotel for the evening.


The team had completed their second day of the ride and were ready for some much-deserved food in a local underground restaurant.


London to Paris Bike Ride