Published: December 19th 2018

Strava really has gone from strength to strength. This year they hit 2 billion activities uploaded, over 36 million users worldwide and 8.5 million kilometres of cycling across the world. It’s inevitable that with this amount of data available they have access to some pretty interesting facts about who, how and where we all ride!

Their ‘Year in Sport Report’ 2018 has revealed some wonderful insights into the cycling community of the UK.

“Cyclists over the age of 50 are the most active bike riders in the UK”

For those over 50, this will come as no surprise! As a relatively low-impact sport compared with other forms of exercise, cycling can be enjoyed far later in life.

The highest average speed is for those in their 40s in England, Wales and Ireland. In Scotland those in their 50s hold this most prestigious of accolades.

Cycling can be a hugely sociable activity too! It is those in their 50s that are most likely to ride in a group with two-thirds meeting regularly. As we all know, riding in a group can dramatically increase the average speed, which could possibly also contribute to his demographic being faster too!

What’s clear is that cycling is still on the rise, with increasing numbers getting out on two wheels. Keeping fit, exploring new places, fresh air and trying to beat your best times are just some of the reasons why. Whether you’re a fan of Strava or a complete technophobe, this latest report bodes well for cycling in the UK and confirms that we’re a very social bunch when we want to be. We use it for plotting our routes (by far the best option in our humble opinion), checking routes on recce’s, exploring new destinations and educating our followers on great places to ride. For those reasons (and many more), we salute you Strava!