Published: September 28th 2023


Every road cyclist knows that being prepared for the unexpected is essential when you’re out on the open road. Whether it’s a sudden flat tyre, a loose bolt, or a minor mechanical issue, having the right tools at your disposal can mean the difference between a smooth ride and a frustrating experience. That’s where multitools come in.

These compact, versatile gadgets are like Swiss Army knives for cyclists, offering a variety of essential tools in a single package. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best multitools for road cycling, ensuring you’re always ready to tackle whatever the road throws your way.

Topeak Mini 20 Pro

The Topeak Mini 20 Pro is a top choice for many road cyclists. Despite its small size, it boasts an impressive array of functions, including a chain tool, multiple Allen wrenches, a Phillips screwdriver, and a Torx wrench. The tools are made of high-quality materials and are designed for ease of use. Plus, it comes with a neoprene pouch to keep everything organized and protected from the elements.

Crank Brothers M20

The Crank Brothers M20 is another excellent multitool known for its durability and versatility. It features 19 tools, including a chain tool, spoke wrenches, various Allen and Torx wrenches, and even a handy bottle opener. The M19’s slim profile and lightweight design make it easy to carry on your rides, and it comes with a stainless steel carrying case for added protection.

Lezyne V-11

The Lezyne V-11 is a minimalist’s dream multitool. Despite its compact size, it offers 11 high-quality functions, including a chain breaker, tire lever, and a variety of Allen and Torx wrenches. It’s designed with a lightweight aluminum body and is known for its durability. The V-11’s simple, elegant design makes it a favorite among road cyclists who appreciate simplicity.

Park Tool IB-3

Park Tool is a trusted name in cycling tools, and the IB-3 is no exception. This multitool is designed with cyclists in mind, featuring 10 essential tools, including tire levers, chain breaker, and multiple wrenches. The IB-3’s unique three-sided design makes it comfortable to hold and easy to use, even for tough tasks like removing stubborn pedals.

Blackburn Switch Multi-Tool

The Blackburn Switch Multi-Tool stands out for its innovative design. It features 19 functions, including a CO2 inflator, chain breaker, and a disc pad spreader. What sets it apart is its unique removable bits, allowing you to customize your tool based on your specific needs. It’s a great choice for cyclists who want flexibility and functionality in one package.


A high-quality multitool is a must-have for any road cyclist. It provides peace of mind knowing that you’re prepared for minor repairs and adjustments during your rides. When choosing a multitool, consider the number and types of functions you need, the tool’s build quality, and its ease of use. Whichever multitool you choose from our list, you’ll be well-equipped to handle the unexpected challenges of the road, ensuring that your cycling adventures are enjoyable and hassle-free. So, before your next ride, don’t forget to tuck one of these multitools into your jersey pocket or saddlebag – you’ll thank yourself later!