Published: April 20th 2020

It is estimated that charities will suffer a £4 billion loss due to the covid-19 pandemic and many are fearing closure. They rely upon fundraising events which this year have been cancelled. One of the most famous events is the London Marathon which  was due to celebrate its 40th birthday on Sunday 26th April.

In light of this, the organisers of the marathon and some of the bigger mass participation events have responded with the 2.6 Challenge (#TwoPointSixChallenge).

The challenge is simple – complete an activity of any kind that include the numbers 2.6 or 26. 


It can be absolutely anything! The 2.6 Challenge website has 26 ideas to get you thinking, some of these include:


  • Cycling 26 kilometres
  • Do 26 minutes of gardening
  • Walk 2.6 kilometres in your house, flat or garden
  • Bake 26 cupcakes
  • Run up and down a local hill 26 times


You can see their other ideas here: The only restriction is that your challenge idea must follow Government guidance on exercise and social distancing.


So get creative and save our charities. We’re keen to see your activities on Strava and find out more about the quirkier challenges out there!


To get involved, register your challenge and begin fundraising, visit the 2.6 Challenge website here.