Published: February 25th 2021

By Tom Shooter

If you’re looking for a waterproof phone case for cycling then you’re probably finding the options out there overwhelming. Sure there are some cheaper cases on Amazon that look like they’ll do the job, but how can you be sure your expensive phone is not going to get wet when out on a rain-soaked ride?

“there have been plenty of times I’ve woken up and really wished we could go back to bed until it’s stopped pouring”

Fear not, because as cycling guides we do not have the option of looking outside the window and deciding not to ride because it’s raining. Trust me, there have been plenty of times I’ve woken up and really wished we could go back to bed until it’s stopped pouring (I’ve guided on London to Paris rides for example when we’ve had four solid days of rain!). Aside from keeping your phone dry from outside elements, if you’ve ever ridden in warmer climates with your phone in a rear cycling jersey pocket, you’ll understand how easily sweat can build up too (urgh…no-one wants to see that).

We rely upon our phones for many things but the most important is a communication tool to use in an emergency. For that reason it’s absolutely essential we’re able to keep it dry and warm.

I’m often asked what the best way of keeping my phone dry whilst riding is and I’m glad to say that I’ve found it – the Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case.

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I have used my Aquapac phone case now for nearly ten years and I love it! Here’s why:

  1. It’s completely waterproof and dustproof – I’ve cycled in horrific rain and the dusty backroads of Spain, but also surfed, kayaked and swum with it around my neck.
  2. They have a very useful lanyard attached – this is useful for a number of reasons. Firstly you won’t drop your precious phone on the floor. Secondly it means you don’t have a to fill pockets with your phone. And lastly, if it’s tucked in underneath clothing, it’ll stay warm and therefore preserve battery life.
  3. Your phone is fully functional inside it – this is key. there’s no point in getting a phone case that doesn’t offer this. I’ve made calls, text and sent emails whilst my phone is in the case. The semi-sticky surface allows for easy use in the worst of conditions.
  4. It’s durable – my case is nearly ten years old and I’ve thrown it around, stuffed it into duffel bags…trust me it’s been through the mill. It’s still completely waterproof and useable.
  5. The sealing system is excellent – not only is it completely leak proof, the sealing system is usable even with thick gloves on.

An wise person once said, “look after your kit and it’ll look after you”. I couldn’t agree more, particularly when it’s hundreds of pounds worth of kit you’re looking after. Check out Aquapac’s fabulous phone cases and other waterproofing kit by clicking here.